Commemorating the 20th Anniversary: A Symposium on Saving Private Ryan
US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

In the summer of 1998, moviegoers witnessed the closest thing to the horrors faced on Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasions on June 6, 1944. In its opening 30 minutes, Saving Private Ryan brought to life the terror of that day, as the ramps of countless Higgins boats dropped to launch what proved to be the most important battle of the 20th century.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this monumental motion picture, The National WWII Museum’s Institute for the Study of War and Democracy is proud to host a one-day symposium featuring D-Day scholars, film historians, and production insiders. Panel sessions will include conversations about the historical foundation and accuracy of the film, behind-the-scenes views of the making of the movie, how D-Day has been portrayed in other films since the war, and the lasting legacy that Saving Private Ryan has had beyond its awards and box-office receipts.

Registration Fee:
$199 Members | $249 Nonmembers

Optional Post-Symposium Speakers Reception and Dinner:
Additional Cost of $125

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Time: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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