Meet the Author: Nigel Hamilton
Louisiana Memorial Pavilion

Nigel Hamilton presents “War and Peace: FDR's Final Odyssey: D-Day to Yalta, 1943–1945.”

5:00 p.m. Reception | 6:00 p.m. Presentation | 7:00 p.m. Book Signing

The Institute for the Study of War and Democracy with the generous support of the Strake Foundation is delighted to host best-selling author Nigel Hamilton for a presentation on the final book in his “FDR at War” trilogy.

Just as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was proven right by the D-Day landings he had championed, he was found to be mortally ill in the spring of 1944—the architect of a victorious peace that he would not live to witness.

Using previously unpublished documents and interviews, Hamilton rewrites the account of WWII strategy given by Winston Churchill in his memoirs. Seventy-five years after the D-day landings, we finally get to see, close-up and in dramatic detail, who was responsible for rescuing, and insisting upon, the great American-led invasion of France in June 1944, and why the invasion was led by General Dwight Eisenhower.

As FDR's D-Day triumph turns to personal tragedy, we watch with heartbreaking compassion the course of his cardiovascular disease, and how, in the months remaining to him as US commander in chief, the dying president attempted at Hawaii, Quebec, and Yalta to prepare the United Nations for an American-backed postwar world order. Even on his deathbed, FDR was the war's great visionary.

Brought to you by the Institute for the Study of War and Democracy with generous support from the Strake Foundation, the reception and presentation are free and open to the public but please register to attend.

For more information or to register, call 504-528-1944 x 412. If you can’t make it to the Museum, watch the presentation at

About the author: Nigel Hamilton is a best-selling and award-winning biographer of President John F. Kennedy, General Bernard "Monty" Montgomery, and President Bill Clinton, among other subjects. His most recent book, The Mantle of Command: FDR at War, 1941–1942, was long-listed for the National Book Award. He is a senior fellow at the McCormack Graduate School, University of Massachusetts, Boston, and splits his time between Boston and New Orleans.

Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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